KIDS' Catastic Star Power Mask Chain!

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Mask chains made for your minis! (Ages 5 and up)

Make mask wearing easier & more fun with these colorful, cute & handy mask chains that will ensure your child's mask is always securely around their neck.

Cute colorful plastic beads with star and cat bead accents!

Made on heavy duty, durable fishing line with silver lobster clasp closures.

Please note, no two mask chains will be identical as these are lovingly made by hand and a random selection of colors will be included.

You may request the cat accent colors but I cannot guarantee I will have them in stock but will try my best! Cat Colors include pink, yellow, orange, white, black, green, red and purple.

3 Sizes:

Ages 5-8 : 18" *Pictured*

Ages 8 - 14: 20"

Adult: I know you want to party, too! 22"

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Not suitable for children under age 5 because of small ingestible parts!