Ground Prey Space Worm Wand

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Does your cat stalk bugs, lizards and other critters that scurry about? Then the Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey Space Worm might be the perfect fit for your cat. The Ground Prey Space Worm accompanies the Jackson Galaxy Ground Prey Telescoping Wand to provide your cat with hours of interactive playtime. Your cat will love the slithery, wiggly, realistic movement that mimics actual living ground prey.

Tips:  Extend the telescoping portion of the wand to your desired length. Drag toy along the floor to simulate the hunt for ground game.


  • Comes with 1 purple worm (6 inches long) attachment toy
  • 22 inches of sturdy black rope attached to the wand
  • Adjustable telescoping wand reaches 30" 
  • Easy to open clip on end to attach the worm
  • Space Worm toy is detachable and interchangeable
  • The life-like look of the Space Worm is sure to entice your cat
  • The movement of the Space Worm helps to activate your cat’s natural hunting instincts.


How does this toy work? The Space Worm attaches to the ground wand that it comes with, making it a great interactive toy during playtime! The soft polyester material the Space Worm is made of helps it move along the ground in a lifelike way.

The telescoping handle allows you to play with varying distances and stores quickly and easily when not in use. The self-storing cord wraps neatly around the wand and snaps securely in place for safer storage when the toy is not in use.