Permission to Break: Grieving the Loss of Animal Companions without Resentment, Guilt, and Shame

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The loss of an animal family member is a personal experience full of universal truths. Regardless of your companion's species, whether you grew up with them or were a week-long foster parent to a bottle baby or hospice senior; whether you are anticipating their loss or trying to find the right time to let them go; whether they died twenty years ago or were suddenly taken from you yesterday, we can all agree on one thing: Grief is transformative -- and it can be an emotional minefield.

Grief hurts in a way that feels as if it will completely consume us. To know grief is to know the pain of being completely powerless. Why, then, do we add guilt and shame to the already intense pain of loss? Why do we choose to lose precious moments with the ones we love and even risk clouding the legacy of our beautiful bond with them by punishing ourselves with resentment and regret?

Join Cat Camp Counselors Jackson Galaxy and Stephanie Rodriguez to explore the self-destructive side of loss and how to reclaim this sacred time and space by fully surrendering to and embracing our grief.